[al:Jetlag Poetry]
[00:01.17]3Jane - Brazzaville
[00:05.58]作词:David Arthur Brown
[00:28.58]3Jane, You're my Queen
[00:33.91]Lounging around With a W magazine
[00:41.43]No doubt Your the best
[00:45.79]Looking so good in 10 euro summer dress
[01:16.41]3Jane, you're it for me
[01:21.81]Hot summer nights outside the New Beverly
[01:28.68]Old Chevy Nova drives
[01:33.69]Under the stars, way up the 395
[02:28.59]3Jane, It's hard to see
[02:33.55]But things in the world are just as their meant to be
[02:40.61]We're born and die alone
[02:45.57]Surrounded by stars, we're never away from home

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