Camille · 歌曲
专辑 Le Petit Prince (la Bande Originale du Film)
语言 英语
作词 Camille
作曲 Hans Zimmer / Camille / Clément Ducol
编曲 Clément Ducol
制作人 Stephen Lipson
Le Petit Prince (la Bande Originale du Film) 曲目列表
The Interview

-2 by -3 6
Why you end up with 5
x + 3 y * 2 x x y
Rewrite the equation 1

Have I made you cross?
Have I made you sad?
Have I made you proud, Mom?

Will I ever know how white is the snow?
Does it matter after all?
Will I ever learn how to fly like birds?

Maybe in an hour, in a day
In a week, in a thousand weeks
In a year, in a million years

Are you going to school?
Are you far from home?
Are you well alone, Dad?

Will I be a brave?
Will I be a bright?
Will I be a good grown-up?

制作信息 编辑

Producer: Stephen Lipson
Engineer: Maxime Leguil
Assistant Engineers: Aristide Rosier, Tom Bailey, Loris Bernot
Piano and Prepared Piano: Clément Ducol
Published by Remote Control Publishing, Inc (ASCAP)
℗ 2015 Remote Control Publishing, Inc.
Camille appears courtesy of BECAUSE MUSIC

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