窦靖童 · 歌曲
专辑 Stone Café
语言 英语
作词 窦靖童
作曲 The Invisible Men / Jonathan Christopher Shave / 窦靖童
编曲 窦靖童 / The Invisible Men
制作人 窦靖童 / The Invisible Men
Stone Café 曲目列表
Waiting On Gregory
The Way

Lola says she's saving up for a palace up in Norway
A bigger backyard, maybe children
and a farm and that's where she'll stay

Sick of idols, tired of cycles
They were all for him anyway
Don't be sorry for Lola my dear
You are lovely don't change


Produced & Arranged by Leah Dou & The Invisible Men
Guitar & Bass: Leah Dou
Drum: Jamie Morisson
Programming: The Invisible Men
Recorded at Grove studio, engineered by The Invisible Men
Mixed by Adam Lunn at Wendy House
OP: Astasio Music Ltd. / Pebworth Music Ltd. / Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd. / Grey Waters Ltd.
SP: Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Hong Kong) / Katie Chan Productions Co., Ltd.

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