Not a Bad Way to Die (once in a while)
NCMR · 歌曲
专辑 The Border (of life and death)
原曲 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life
语言 英语
作词 S20
作曲 ZUN
编曲 S20
制作人 S20
The Border (of life and death) 曲目列表
It's Never Good for You to Die (Not Even Once)
Not a Bad Way to Die (once in a while)
This Glimmer of Hope

Will you feel your deepest pity
When you look back at your corpse?
How many times must I tell you
Your life's not that obligatory?

People can't just keep what they want
She told me, with a sorrowful grin
I tried a retort, but I completely failed
For I know this every effort is grim

There is my one last wish
For the time being, for the time I'm alive
There also is this problem
That I don't clearly know my wish

Never should I compromise
Before I'm to make a promise
She talked about her cherry petals
And about her afterlife

Three lines of despair
The first for myself, the second for herself
The third is for everything else
Then there's nothing left

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