Something Less Pessimistic
NCMR · 歌曲
专辑 The Border (of life and death)
原曲 月まで届け、不死の煙
语言 英语
作词 S20
作曲 ZUN
编曲 S20
制作人 S20
The Border (of life and death) 曲目列表
Something Less Pessimistic
A long song about something sophisiticated

The sun shines still
The air flows still
The fights go on still
The corpse of mine
It's still

I need only ten seconds
To get my life seconds
Though they're seconds
For someone like me
That's essence

Never will I get bereft
For that forbidden gift
With it I became deft
Just as a staghound
After a theft

I had missions undone
To make someone gone
But before long I found
A single severe problem
About wounds

She ain't dying at all
However hard we brawl
I had to admit my fault
Of underestimating
That dope

So I reckon that things have changed
Life shall go on albeit there's hatred
Compare it, my enemy, my friend
To the eternity we both possess
Then you'll get what I suggest here

Days woven with blood are the past
Days woven with love are the present
It's not a dream-come-true
It's an imperishable illusion of mine

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